Hi, I’m Kim!

I’m a certified Functional Health Strategist and I help my clients heal their bodies so they can feel energized, productive, and happy. 

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Although I had been an athlete my entire life, I dealt with a number of nagging health issues that wouldn’t go away–debilitating migraines for 25 years, insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety, to name a few. Doctors couldn’t give me answers and my bloodwork always came back looking normal. At one time, I was on 6 different medications and wondered if I’d ever feel good again.

Ultimately, I was able to uncover what was causing all of my issues–hidden imbalances inside my body–and healed myself. I was able to get off all medications and do not deal with any health issues any longer. I feel better at age 41 than I ever did in my 20s and 30s.

I believed so deeply in the healing that I did on myself and was so frustrated with how long it took me to figure it out, that I went back and got certified to run functional lab tests on clients so that I could help them achieve similar success in a much shorter timeframe.

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What Clients Are Saying:


I highly recommend working with Kim!

She is an expert and a professional who is so easy to talk to and work with.

Her customized plan for me based on my test results and questionnaire answers has made a significant impact on my life.

I’m not as exhausted as I was, moods are more balanced, am losing weight and feel great!

~ Megan, Project Coordinator/Freelance Writer

Unfortunately, I’m a migraine sufferer.  So knowing that she once suffered from migraines, too, I decided to reach out to Kim. She talked with me not just about proper nutrition but the necessary vitamins and minerals we need that we likely don’t get enough of from the foods we eat. Over the course of a month I realized that, not only was I sleeping better, having less bloat, but I hadn’t had a single migraine.

Kim blew me away with her knowledge, what she was willing to do to help me find a solution, and was so supportive about what I was ready to try. So if you’re suffering from migraines, I highly recommend talking with her.

~ Laura, Assistant Librarian

I am so grateful for Kim and everything she has done to help me navigate my health journey. I wouldn’t have known where to begin nor where to go without her! She is the most thorough practitioner I have ever worked with, extremely communicative, and such a kind soul.

In just one month, the bloat in my face & stomach have gone down significantly; my “Alfred Hitchcock” belly is gone, which is awesome! My skin looks better, and my energy has increased!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health by finding the root cause!

~ Katy, Preschool Teacher

I decided to work with Kim and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. 

After testing, now I know exactly what my body is lacking and have been on a supplement routine for a few months now. I’ve noticed that I feel so much more energetic…especially in the mornings! My mood has been better…my focus is better….I’m loving this!

Also, it is so nice to have somebody in your corner to help you out when a supplement might not work for you or you need a plan B. It’s so nice to have the support!

~ Candice, Medical Coder