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You want to be rid of the pounding migraines so that you can finally live your life PAIN-FREE. 

You want to jump out of bed after a great night of sleep, full of energy and have mental clarity that lasts all day. 

You want to be SUPER PRODUCTIVE and be at the top of your game at work and at home. 

You want your migraines to no longer have a complete hold over your life and that you can have the freedom to do whatever you want without the burden or worry that one will pop up and ruin your plans.

You want to  get HOURS back every single day to do with however you want. 

You want to have energy and stamina to be able to keep up with your kids and the daily demands of your home and work.

You no longer want to feel like a PRISONER in your own body.

Here’s a fact: I used to want all of these things too because I struggled for 25 OVER YEARS with debilitating migraines.

Here’s another fact: These wants are now my reality. And I want so badly for these to be your reality too.  

Introducing the Migraine Recovery Blueprint

A simple test & customized healing plan so that you can ditch the migraines ONCE AND FOR ALL. 

Through the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test that you take at home, we’ll cover your body’s unique imbalances that are leading to the symptoms you’ve been dealing with.

And I’ll show you EXACTLY what to do to heal those so that you can stop feeling like a prisoner in your own body. 

By examining your mineral imbalances, the HTMA looks at the deeper underlying root causes of what’s going on.

I promise that you’ll finally have answers to why you’ve been feeling the way you have been, AND you’ll have a solid plan to FINALLY heal your body and recover from migraines. 

The test will show you how all of the following could be contributing to your migraines:



Whether you have a magnesium deficiency


How your thyroid is functioning (the HTMA test can often detect thyroid issues before blood tests)


Whether you have a zinc deficiency


What the status of your blood sugar is


Whether you have heavy metal toxicity


Whether you have copper toxicity (hint: any woman who has taken birth control of any kind is at risk for copper toxicity, even if it's been years since you were last on it)


Too much iron in the tissues


How fast or slow your metabolism is, which can help determine the best course of action for healing


And so much more

Hi, I’m Kim!

I spent over 25 YEARS struggling with migraines. 

Even though I’d been an athlete my whole life, worked out regularly, and ate healthy, I still didn’t feel well. 

I saw several doctors and took medications. I tried diets and worked with a nutritionist. I did cleanses, took supplements, worked out more, meditated, and got massages. I felt like I tried EVERYTHING and had minimal success.

But FINALLY, I figured out what was causing all my problems—my birth control. Between the pill and the copper IUD, I spent over 15 years on it. 

Just stopping it didn’t fix the problem, however. Years of birth control use had thrown my body way off balance. 

Through lab testing, I discovered that I had copper toxicity, an iodine deficiency, an imbalance between magnesium and calcium, gut issues that were leading to high levels of inflammation, a slow metabolism, and more. 

More importantly, I knew exactly what my imbalances were so that I could address them and heal then naturally…without the use of medications. 

And heal I did. My symptoms literally melted away – even ones that I had been dealing with for years and years. 

And best of all, my health issues never returned. At one time, I was on 4 different prescriptions to mitigate my migraines and now I don’t take any. In fact, I haven’t taken a prescription medication in years, and I feel better now in my late 30s than I did in my 20s. 

My own healing journey led me to go back and get certified so that I could help women just like you experience the same freedom that I have. 

I finally started being able to live life on my terms. And I want the same for you. 

Here’s what’s included in the program:


The HTMA Test

This lab is shipped to you within 1 business day of registering. You take a few snips from the back of your head in the comfort of your home and ship off to the lab. Once the lab receives your sample, I get the results within 5-12 business days.


Getting Started Guide

Immediately after registering, you’ll receive an email from me that includes access to a guide of strategies you can begin implementing immediately. This will prime your body for the custom protocol that you’ll receive from me.


A Custom 3-Month Plan for Healing

Once I receive your questionnaires and the test results, I’ll analyze the data and put together a custom 3-month plan for healing. You’ll receive a written report and any supplemental materials/links that I recommend as part of it.  

A Results & Recommendations Session

Once I have your analysis complete and report written, we’ll get together on a 75-minute call where we’ll go over everything. This will be held via Zoom so I can share my screen with you. 

4 Months of Email Access

From the moment you book in for The Migraine Recovery Program and for the next 4 months, you’ll have email access to me where you can ask questions. Access is M-F only. That way, you have the support you need as you begin implementing the recommendations.

Three 30-Minute Follow-Up Calls

Every month for three months after the results call, we’ll get on a 30-minute call to discuss your progress and you can get guidance, support, or anything else you need. All calls must be used within 90 days of the results & recommendations session.

20% Off Supplements for Life

Supplements are typically part of a healing protocol. I partner with FullScript, which is like an Amazon but only for supplements. I can give my clients a 20% discount there and you can keep using that even after we’re done working together. I typically find supplements to be cheaper there than anywhere else.


1 Retest & Results Call

4 months after you implement the protocol, we’ll run a second test on you to see how your results have improved and determine what your ongoing protocol should be. This will include a 45-minute call & updated  written plan.

*Note: The retest must be completed within 6 months of the original results session or this retest will be forfeited.


How This Process Works:


Immediately After Registering

Emails with collection instructions, access to Getting Started Guide that includes a checklist of things to get you started while we wait for results.

1 Day After Registering

Shipment of test & invitation to join FullScript where you can purchase supplements. You ship your sample as soon as you can.

1 Week After Registering

You send me the forms back.

I begin my pre-analysis.


Once I Receive the Results

You’ll receive an email inviting you to book the 75-minute results & recommendations session at a time that works best for you.

After the Results Session

You’ll receive all follow-up documents.

You’ll also have 3 additional months of email access to ask questions & three 30-minute follow-up calls to use at any time in that 90 days.

This is for you if…



You feel like you've tried all the diets, supplements, and other therapies and nothing has seemed to work.


You believe that diet, lifestyle, stress, and mindset all play a role in your migraines and you are ready to proactively heal these.


You want to address the root causes of your migraines to finally heal your body rather than rely on medications.


You are committed to healing once and for good and you're ready to have a professional in your corner helping you every step of the way.


You believe that it is possible for your body to heal from migraines when given the right tools and support.

And if you’ve EVER been on birth control, hormonal or non-hormonal, this program is definitely for you.

Your Investment Options:


Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is this test and program right for?

Honestly, I feel that everyone, especially every woman, should take this test. Women have a high chance of having copper toxicity, and this test can help uncover that. This is the best valued functional lab test, and it provides a ton of data to provide answers to why you’ve been feeling the way you have. 

My core focus is helping women heal from migraines, but I have also helped women heal from PMDD, anxiety, depression, PMS, brain fog, and fatigue.  

How does this work if we don’t live near each other?

I have clients all over the US and Canada, and, in fact, I don’t have any local clients. Everything is done virtually over Zoom and email.

How long does the process take?

If you mail your test in as soon as you get it, we should be able to have our results & recommendations call 3-4 weeks after investing in the program. It all depends on how quickly you mail your sample in, how long the lab takes to test (they say 5-12 business days but usually it’s not the full 12), and when I will finish my analysis and written report after receiving results. 

While you are waiting for the results, however, you will have a bunch of things that you can get started with that will ultimately prime the body for the customized recommendations that I provide you. So your path to healing actually begins as soon as you purchase.

Can I use color-treated hair?

It’s ideal to wait about 8 weeks after coloring your hair to run the test. However, you can run it after only 3 weeks if you desire.

Can I buy just the HTMA without the interpretation and call?

No, the value of the HTMA testing package is actually in the interpretation. An HTMA test is not something that you can just look at for face value. For example, some minerals may show as elevated on the test but that actually can mean that there is a loss there. Additionally, something like copper toxicity may not be as apparent on the test. The reason for this is that copper can often show up as “deficient” on the results but there are 12 other factors that can indicate that copper toxicity is present. 

Additionally, there are specific protocols that should be followed based on your metabolism and your individual results. If you do not follow the correct protocol, you could actually make your symptoms worse. I’ve seen a lot of people who are not trained telling people to take incorrect supplements, and that can end up leading you down the wrong path. 

I am trained in how to read the HTMA and know how to determine what imbalances to look for and what protocols to suggest. When you invest in this program, you can have confidence that you have an expert on your side. 

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my health, my time, and my symptoms, knowing that I am on the fastest path to healing is worth the investment. 

Can I get tested elsewhere and just have you do an analysis on it?

It depends on what lab you ordered the test from and how long it’s been since you were tested.  The only labs I will analyze are Analytical Research and Trace Elements. Most other labs wash the hair sample which skews the results.

Why a hair test over blood or urine?

A hair test provides the most accurate read of mineral balances and heavy metals in the body. The reason for this is that it’s an average of your levels over a 3-month period. 

A blood or urine test only provides a snapshot of time.  So, for example, you could eat a banana before a blood test and your potassium levels could end up showing up normal or elevated on that test. However, potassium is often the first mineral to be depleted over the long term, so, if you’re dealing with symptoms, you likely have a potassium deficiency. 

Blood and urine tests often don’t show true deficiencies until the minerals have been lost for a very long time, and then it takes a long time to heal from those. 

And as you can see from above, the HTMA also provides a TON of insight into the overall health of multiple systems in the body. 

Why test for minerals?

Trace minerals are essential in countless metabolic functions in all phases of the life process. For example:

  • Zinc is involved in the production, storage, and secretion of insulin and is necessary for growth hormones.
  • Magnesium is required for normal muscular function, especially the heart. A deficiency has been associated with an increased incidence of abnormal heart conditions, anxiety, and nervousness.
  • Potassium is critical for normal nutrient transport into the cell. A deficiency can result in muscular weakness, mild depression, and lethargy.
  • Excess sodium is associated with hypertension, but adequate amounts are required for normal health.
Does this test look for vitamin deficiencies?

Not specifically, but in the words of the late author and noted researcher, Dr. Henry Schroeder, trace elements (minerals) are “…more important factors in human nutrition than vitamins. The body can manufacture many vitamins, but it cannot produce necessary trace minerals or get rid of many possible excesses.”

If you have been tested for your Vitamin D levels, which is pretty common, and it shows up low…that actually tells you a lot. Because Vitamin D is often lost after several other very important minerals have been lost, such as potassium, magnesium, boron, lithium, and more. And the best way to raise vitamin D is to raise all of these key minerals.

What minerals and metals does the HTMA test for?
What causes mineral imbalance?

There are many factors to take into consideration, such as: 

  • Diet – Improper diet through high intake of refined and processed foods, alcohol and fad diets can all lead to a chemical imbalance. Even the nutrient content of a “healthy” diet can be inadequate, depending upon the soil in which the food was grown or the method in which it was prepared. 
  • Stress – Physical or emotional stress can deplete the body of many nutrients while also reducing the capability to absorb and utilize many nutrients. 
  • Medications – Both prescription and over-the-counter medications can deplete the body stores of nutrient minerals and/or increase the levels of toxic metals. These medications include diuretics, antacids, aspirin, and oral contraceptives. 
  • Pollution – From adolescence through adulthood the average person is continually exposed to a variety of toxic metal sources such as cigarette smoke (cadmium), hair dyes (lead), hydrogenated oils (nickel), antiperspirants (aluminum), dental amalgams (mercury and cadmium), copper and aluminum cookware and lead-based cosmetics. These are just a few of the hundreds of sources that can contribute to nutrient imbalances and adverse metabolic effects. 
  • Nutritional Supplements – Taking incorrect supplements or improper amounts of supplements can produce many vitamin and mineral excesses and/or deficiencies, contributing to an overall biochemical imbalance. 
  • Inherited Patterns – A predisposition toward certain mineral imbalances, deficiencies and excesses can be inherited from parents.

Using a functional lab test and a series of self-assessments, we get detailed data that looks at the whole picture rather than just a piece or two of the puzzle so that we can connect the dots so you can fix what’s going on with your body once and for all.

Based on your lab results and information you provide via comprehensive questionnaires, I am able to put together a customized recommendations plan for you to get on your way to eliminating your symptoms and improving your overall health.

What Clients Are Saying:


I am so grateful for Kim and everything she has done to help me navigate my health journey. I wouldn’t have known where to begin nor where to go without her! She is the most thorough practitioner I have ever worked with, extremely communicative, and such a kind soul.

In just one month, the bloat in my face & stomach have gone down significantly; my “Alfred Hitchcock” belly is gone, which is awesome! My skin looks better, and my energy has increased!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health by finding the root cause!

~ Katy, Preschool Teacher

Kim has been such a blessing to my life. Prior to working with Kim, I knew I wasn’t living the lifestyle that would help me to feel and perform at my best, but I didn’t know where to start. I assumed that my health concerns were all a part of getting older, and I just had to learn to adapt. But Kim has taught me how to take back control of my body.

Not only does she care about my health and how I feel, but it sometimes seems as if she knows my body better than I do. Her methods have taught me that I am capable of achieving my best self.

~ Jennifer, Software Trainer

I decided to work with Kim and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. 

After testing, now I know exactly what my body is lacking and have been on a supplement routine for a few months now. I’ve noticed that I feel so much more energetic…especially in the mornings! My mood has been better…my focus is better….I’m loving this! Also, it is so nice to have somebody in your corner to help you out when a supplement might not work for you or you need a plan B. It’s so nice to have the support!

~ Candice, Medical Coder

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Your Investment Options:


A final note from Kim…

It’s probably safe to say that you’ve tried a lot of different things to heal your migraines with little or no result. And I get that because that was my experience for many years as well.

Here’s the thing…there’s a lot of misinformation out there about managing migraines. In fact, a lot of the articles you read talk about how to address the migraine triggers.  However, you and I both know that what triggered your last migraine may not trigger the next one. Triggers seem to be an ever-changing thing.

And the thing is—triggers are not the real problem. 

What really, really works to address migraines is to uncover the root cause of the migraine. The root cause is the hidden imbalances inside your body that are leading to your chronic migraines. 

With The Migraine Recovery Blueprint, we’ll get HARD data on what your unique imbalances are from a simple test you take at home so we can address those and heal the body from the inside out.

No more guessing. No more shooting in the dark, trying this thing or that thing. No more having life coming to a screeching halt every time a migraine pops up.

Rather, you’ll have a practitioner who cares DEEPLY about your success and will be supportive in your journey to healing. 

And you get all of this for about the price of a daily Starbucks. 

I want you to decide that it’s time to stop struggling and it’s time to change your life and change it quickly.