Journal Exercises to Support the Menstrual Phase!

When we are on our period, we are most easily able to connect with our deepest desires. This is because our heads and hearts collide at this time, and we are able to tune into things that we can’t hear or see the rest of the month. This is all based on our hormone levels.

Our hormone levels rise and fall throughout the month, and during our period they are at their lowest levels.  Thus, we typically feel more introverted and contemplative. Which means it’s a great time for introspection.

Because our left and right brain hemispheres are most easily able to communicate during this time, you feel the most in-tune with your desires and whether there are things that might need to change in your life.

Any issue; deep rooted fear, suppressed feelings or emotions; or big dream you’ve buried all month long wants to be heard this week—and this is the time to hear it!

It’s no secret that we tend to be a bit more agitated during this time—hello PMS. However, what if I told you that maybe it’s more because you haven’t been listening to what your body wants and giving in to your desires?

What if all we had to do was listen to our desires more and start living our truths to actually feel less stressed and agitated during your monthly cycle?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, I’ll definitely tell you that it is. I’m where I am today as a result of learning how to tune into my desires and listen during my cycle.

When I was first learning to tune into my body and pair my cycle with my life, I started incorporating some journaling into my daily routine. It led me to the realization that I had LONG wanted to be a functional health coach. As I journaled, my vision for my future self just flowed out of me onto the paper so easily. I felt like I was finally allowing myself to hear a dream I had suppressed for SO long.

In the past, anytime I had a thought about wanting to get into the health space, I would quickly shoot it down and turn my attention to something else. I came up with all sorts of reasons as to why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it…but as I shared above, I finally realized that the longer I suppressed it, the unhappier I was.

So I sat there staring at what I had written and realized that I felt calmer than I had in a long time. I realized that I finally was hearing my own desires for the first time in a very long time. That day was the first day of the rest of my life.  I won’t say it was easy to get to where I am now…but it was so worth it and I feel like I am living my dream!!

This is what I want for you.  You have no idea what is waiting for you on the other side of the pen/paper!

At first it can feel overwhelming to face suppressed emotions. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Remember, there are no wrong directions. You move down a path in order to learn certain lessons, which brings you to this present moment. Have faith in the messages your body gives you and the courage within yourself to listen.

Create time to complete these journal exercises every month and, each time, you’ll tap further into your truth and deepest desires. You don’t need to take action on these right now. Just listen.

Some tips to take action on these:

  • When your period ends, your brain will want to start planning and that will be the best time to put together a plan of action to take on these desires. So the week after your period, focus on planning.
  • During ovulation (mid-month), you’ll be more extraverted and feel more articulate in what you’re saying. If you find during these exercises that you will need to have conversations with others, plan the dialog out after your period and then HAVE the conversations during ovulation.
  • The last two weeks before our period, we are in TOTAL action-taking mode. This is the best time to put your head down, make things happen, and check items off your to-do list.

You don’t have to do all of these exercises in one sitting.  If you need to break it up over a few days, that is totally fine. Do what works for you.

So, let’s get to it! During your next period grab your favorite pen and paper and begin connecting with what you really want.

Below are the journal exercises. As you work your way through these, you can just let your mind wander or you can set an intention to focus on one or more of the following areas!  There is no one right way to do it.  You know what areas in your life need more attention, so do what works best for you!


Areas of Potential Focus:

Journal Exercises

Exercise 1:

This is called the Just Sit There Find a comfortable space, put on some music, have a gorgeous view to look at, turn your phone on do not disturb and set a time for 30 minutes (definitely no less than 20).

For the first 5-10 minutes or so, focus on relaxing. It takes some time to transition to a calm space. During this first 10 minutes, you might just look out at the view or close your eyes. Or you might just free-flow write to get any stress or thoughts out of your head and onto the paper. This will help clear you mind to tune in further.

Then, after you tune in and ask yourself, “What do I need to know right now? What have I been avoiding?” Trust your first thoughts and write them here. Just let the messages flow out of you and put them on paper.

Exercise 2: 

Am I feeling overwhelmed? Sad? Frustrated (with myself or others)? What’s the reason why? Free flow journal on this for several minutes. This could also be a great second Just Sit There activity (perhaps on a different day or include it in the 1st one).

Exercise 3:

When we say no to others, we say yes to ourselves. It can be hard to say no to others though. However, time is a resource that we cannot get more of. So if you’re sacrificing too much of your time for things that don’t light you up, this is a great time to explore that.

Ask: This past month, have I been saying yes to myself? Are there areas I need to set more boundaries? What can I say no to next month that doesn’t serve me, or bring me joy?

Exercise 4:

Although it may sound crazy and go against my current reality, I truly want to… (your grand dream or vision that keeps coming up, yet you push back down – write it!). Spend 20-30 minutes on this. Really open it up and go deep. Then go deeper. Write what your ideal vision would be for that dream or vision.

Know that what we want can become our reality. The first step is often just letting ourselves see and feel it.

Exercise 5:

Your emotions hold the power to your life and your self-confidence to take action on what you need. What one thing (big or small) would feel really good to do this week?

Exercise 6:

To be able to fully tune in and access your inner wisdom, you need to feed your body with what it needs. Have any food cravings? What are they? Write this down.

Now know this: This is key insight, not on lacking self-control, but your body asking for certain nutrients. This is something to really listen to!

Exercise 7:

This week, you are able to deeply tap into who you want to be. Are you living each day as the woman you know you can be? As that woman who has that big vision or dream you wrote about in exercise 4? How/what needs to change? What do you need to uplevel?