Signs of a troubled gallbladder

Oct 5, 2022 | Detoxification, Fatigue, Gallbladder Health, Gut Issues, Lab Testing, Root Causes, Symptoms

Last week, we discussed the importance of bile – but we can’t talk about bile without talking about your gallbladder!

It is essential to your body utilizing bile properly. Once bile is made in the liver, it is stored in the gallbladder to be used as needed.

Sometimes, inflammation, gallstones, infections, calcium deposits, benign polyps, or cancer can inhibit the gallbladder from functioning properly. This, of course, affects the entire digestive & detoxification systems.

There are several signs that could indicate that your gallbladder is in trouble, including:

If you’re experiencing symptoms related to gallbladder dysfunction, it can lead to further problems. Bile won’t get where it needs to go and can’t break down fat to be used in cells. You also won’t absorb fat-soluble vitamins.

All that healthy eating will be for naught.

Additionally, gallbladder or bile-related symptoms could be a sign that something serious like an infection is present in your gallbladder.

Gallstones especially can lead to gallbladder, bile duct, and pancreas infections which are often treated with medications and sometimes surgery.

However, your gallbladder CAN heal despite what you may have been told.

People often experience intense discomfort caused by gallbladder & bile issues, only to be told by doctors that the only solution is to have it removed or to avoid all fat altogether.

If your gallbladder is removed, your body will no longer have a place to store bile, which would cause a person to not be able to properly digest fat, which can later lead to vitamin deficiencies & other health issues.

The good news – with the proper support, your gallbladder can return to its full function & do its job once again.

Ways to Support a Poor-Functioning Gallbladder

If you’ve been told your gallbladder function is down or feel like your gallbladder might be causing you some troubles, here are 7 ways to support a troubled gallbladder:

Remove inflammatory foods: Removing foods that are difficult to digest or that burden your liver can help immensely. These include:
  • Fried food
  • Fast food
  • Processed food
  • Poorly-sourced animal products
  • Refined grains
  • Vegetable/seed oils.
Replace those inflammatory foods with gallbladder-friendly foods:

These are easy to digest and rich in nutrients so your body & gallbladder can function optimally. These include:

  • Fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C and E
  • Bitter herbs
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Artichokes, beets, radishes, carrots and ginger
  • Milk thistle and dandelion
  • Fermented vegetables
  • Coconut & olive oil
  • Foods high in choline
Use specific supplements

Like like ox bile and magnesium – just be sure you’re using a high-quality supplement that don’t have a bunch of fillers. Hint: Most supplements you find at your local pharmacy are junk.

Use a castor oil pack regularly.

This helps stimulate bile and also is good for overall liver health and detoxification. You wear this over your liver.

Eat meals on a schedule

Eating on a regular schedule helps keep bile production up and supports good gallbladder health. Aim to eat every 3-4.5 hours. Don’t skip meals.

Eliminate hidden internal problems

Food sensitivities, gut pathogens like parasites and candida, and mineral imbalances can all contribute to the toxic load on the body and be contributing to gallbladder problems.

For that last one – the best way to figure out what hidden issues you have is through functional lab testing. These labs are different than what your doctor runs and can be a #gamechanger when it comes to getting your body back to running optimally.

Remember that the body is a beautiful system that works together & we can’t spot treat one thing, as much as supplement companies like to make us think we can 🙃

Thankfully with proper testing, we can get to the bottom of what’s causing low bile creation & create a customized protocol to bring your body back into balance.

If you’re tired of feeling the way you do and want to get to the bottom of things – the root cause – let’s chat.

Book a free call with me!

On this call, we’ll get clear on:

  • what health issues you’re currently dealing with
  • what your journey has been to address these issues
  • and your health goals – where you’d ultimately like to end up

I can share with you what I think are the missing links in your journey up until this point and what I recommend to do to address them. If I feel like it’s something I can help with, then I can share what that process would look like in the Root Cause Method 1-1 coaching & lab testing program.

And if you’d rather just chat over email first – feel free to reply to this message! I read and respond to every message that comes into my inbox.

Rooting for you!


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