Symptoms associated with copper toxicity

Aug 17, 2022 | Copper Toxicity, Energy, Fatigue, Hormone Balance, Lab Testing, Root Causes, Symptoms

For most of my life, I was very even keeled. I handled stress extremely well, was able to manage conflict easily, and didn’t really worry too much about what other people thought of me. I slept well and really didn’t deal with any kind of anxiety or depression.

And then about 10 years ago, that all changed.

I started worrying about everything, to the point where I would rewrite an email 5 times over the course of 3 hours before sending it to make sure it was “perfect”.

I’d pace my house in the middle of night due to horrible insomnia.

I was exhausted all the time.

My boyfriend would look at me wrong and I’d snap at him.

And in the middle of a bike ride (my favorite hobby), I’d break down crying out of nowhere.

I kept asking myself, “what is going on with me? where did this come from?”

What I later learned is that I had copper toxicity.

Once I healed myself from that, I became the chill, calm person that I previously was. All the other issues disappeared as well. So much that my boyfriend who I’ve been with for a long time says I became a different person (in a good way) after healing than I was when we started dating.

Copper toxicity is EXTREMELY common today, especially in women. I see it in a lot of the women I test. We’re also starting to see it in more and more men and children as well.

However, we don’t hear a ton of information about it and that’s because conventional medicine don’t recognize this often life-disrupting condition.

While copper is an essential mineral that we do need some of for optimal health, not all copper is good.

What is copper toxicity?

It’s a buildup of stored bio-unavailable copper that, at excessive levels, causes physical and mental dysfunction.

First, copper builds up in the liver and then when that’s full, it starts to fill up in the brain.

Copper is a very emotional mineral, so people who have copper toxicity tend to have a lot of emotional issues; including anxiety, depression, irritability, and can even make us feel bi-polar.

Do you ever just like totally lose it sometime and snap on your partner and have no idea why?

It could be copper toxicity.

However, that’s not all that copper can affect.

Here’s an image that shows all of the common symptoms that are associated with copper toxicity:

So, what exactly contributes to copper toxicity?

In short, a variety of things can; including:

– Passed from mother to baby in utero
– Xenoestrogens
– Hormonal birth control
– Copper IUD
– Drink water from copper pipes
– Copper cookware
– Bile issues
– Chronic stress
– Vegetarian & vegan diets
– Multivitamins
– Using public swimming pools regularly
– Gallbladder surgery

It’s a little more prevalent in women than it is men, because most women take hormonal contraceptives or have a hormonal or copper IUD at some point in their menstruating lives.

But with how many contributing factors there are for copper toxicity, it’s no wonder so many men and children are also experiencing it these days.

What do you do if you suspect copper toxicity?

Test, don’t guess.

I see a lot of bad advice out there about how to heal form copper toxicity. Or practitioners who can run labs but don’t understand how to analyze them for copper toxicity or provide a proper protocol for someone to heal from it.

And that can lead to something called a “copper dump” – which is taking all the symptoms listed above and making them 100x worse.

It’s not fun. So don’t do that.

But it’s also not necessary. I didn’t experience copper dumps when I healed from copper toxicity – that’s because I did it properly.

The best way to detox copper is to first determine you have it and get a status on your other important minerals.

You can do this through an HTMA – or hair tissue mineral analysis.

I STRONGLY recommend working with a practitioner like myself who is an expert in copper toxicity. That’s because this test CAN’T be read at face value and is complex to interpret.

Copper can show up hidden and can be identified through up to 12 clues. And if that’s overlooked or addressed incorrectly, the timeline to heal can lengthen or lead to a copper dump.

An HTMA is a test you take at home – a small hair sample that is sent to the lab reveals your levels of 37 different minerals and metals.

I had copper toxicity, and I know how it feels. I also know what a game changer it is to get rid of it.

If you’re suspecting copper toxicity and are tired of dealing with the multitude of symptoms it can cause, let’s talk. Either book a free call using the button below or reply to this email.

I’ve run hundreds of these tests and am passionate about healing the body from copper. I can help you get to the bottom of things once and for all.


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