Success Stories

3 weeks into the custom protocol Kim created for me based on my test results and I am doing great and my energy is getting much better.

I have a lot less instances of heartburn and bloating and my under eye puffiness is almost gone!!!

Thanks for all of your help in getting me to a better place energetically and beyond!


I had been working on my health for about 2 years not knowing exactly what was wrong with me. I’ve had brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety for some time now. I would do things that would help for a little while but then it would come back and I got frustrated with not knowing exactly what supplements to buy or what was really helping.

I decided to work with Kim and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. After testing, now I know exactly what my body is lacking and have been on a supplement routine for a few months now. I’ve noticed that I feel so much more energetic…especially in the mornings! My mood has been better…my focus is better….I’m loving this! Also, it is so nice to have somebody in your corner to help you out when a supplement might not work for you or you need a plan B. It’s so nice to have the support!

Candice R.

Medical Coder

For years, I struggled with several issues and not feeling my best. I came across a webinar that Kim was offering and decided to take a chance to see what it was all about. I am so thankful I did! I have learned so much about my body and overall health!

I cannot say enough about the positive experience I have had working with Kim. She thoroughly reviewed the results from my HTMA test and came up with a personalized plan for me. I felt supported and validated. She was also very responsive to any questions or concerns that I may have had.

I am in the early stages of this new health journey and I am already feeling better! Kim is passionate about what she does, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and wellbeing!


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

It has been such a great experience working with Kim.

She has such a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the different body systems and how they work together. I felt extremely comfortable working with her right away. She’s not pushy at all and she gave me multiple options out of respect for my budget and what is best for me. I appreciate having 20% off at Fullscript for life, that is an awesome benefit!

When we went over my HMTA, I was blown away by how my results explained my symptoms. Kim also gave me access to a class on Cycle Syncing and that has been so helpful to learn about. She is so generous with her time and the knowledge and resources she has. Before I even made the decision to work with her, she answered numerous questions I had via email, which meant so much to me and really helped me to know I was making the right choice by working with her. I plan to do further testing with her shortly.

I am following the protocol she gave me and noticing improvements. I did a cleanse she suggested and noticed benefits from that as well. She truly has my best interest in mind and I believe wholeheartedly that she wants to see me have a full recovery and feel much better. I have been working with an integrative practitioner for about 20 months and I think Kim has a more thorough approach of what my body truly needs. She addresses the root cause from the get go.

I highly recommend working with her to anyone. I’m so grateful I got plugged in to her webinar, it really feels like it was meant to be. Thank you, Kim!!!

Cassie L.

Enrollment Counselor

Kim has been such a blessing to my life. Prior to working with Kim, I knew I wasn’t living the lifestyle that would help me to feel and perform at my best, but I didn’t know where to start. I assumed that my health concerns were all a part of getting older, and I just had to learn to adapt. But Kim has taught me how to take back control of my body.

Not only does she care about my health and how I feel, but it sometimes seems as if she knows my body better than I do. She provides informative materials at just the right time to provide the motivation I need. She checks in often to see how I’m doing, and I honestly feel that she cares about my success.

Kim doesn’t just tell you what you need to improve; she motivates you toward success. Kim’s encouragement pushed me beyond the goals I had set for myself. Her methods have taught me that I am capable of achieving my best self.

Jennifer M.

Software Trainer

I am so grateful for Kim and everything she has done to help me navigate my health journey. I wouldn’t have known where to begin nor where to go without her! She is the most thorough practitioner I have ever worked with, extremely communicative, and such a kind soul.

In just one month, the bloat in my face & stomach have gone down significantly; my “Alfred Hitchcock” belly is gone, which is awesome! My skin looks better, and my energy has increased!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health by finding the root cause!

Katy F.

Preschool Teacher

I was struggling with physical symptoms possibly caused by my copper IUD and other deficiencies. I scoured the Internet looking for a holistic approach to my ailments and luckily found Kim Heintz. She’s knowledgeable, kind, and relatable as she once experienced many of the issues I have.

After discussing her thorough review of my HTMA results and starting a personalized protocol, I am feeling so much better and look forward to working with Kim to continue on my path to wellness.

Rebecca H.

Financial Assessor

In September of 2019 I decided to try a different birth control form called the Paragard IUD. I was skeptical at first because every other birth control I tried didn’t work well with my body, but I had no intention of getting pregnant so I needed to have some sort of “guaranteed” protection.

Five months later and the side effects began. My hair started falling out, I was extremely tired and irritable, not to mention the 20-pound weight gain that I couldn’t seem to shake off. Frustrated, I decided to remove the object that I knew had been causing all my symptoms, my IUD.

After removing it, I expected all my problems caused by the IUD to go away, but after a month I still felt the same. I started researching online as to what could be causing my symptoms. Finally, I came across a post talking about HTMA testing and the benefits it could provide, and I was immediately intrigued. One of the group followers mentioned Kim Heintz, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, she was raving about how much Kim had helped her heal and how professional she was.

I messaged Kim asking for the pricing of her service, even though I am a full time student and money is tight, I knew that I couldn’t put a price limit on my health. As soon as I paid, Kim sent me tons of emails regarding how to complete the HTMA test and a getting started informational packet. I was in awe by her quick and efficient service. Kim sent the test through me in the mail and when the results came in we met. The whole process took less than three weeks.

When it came down to our virtual call Kim set aside time to make me a 17-page report giving details on every aspect of my test along with a supplement protocol guide. I felt overcome with joy because she gave me hope that there were better days to come.

After the call, Kim continues to follow up with me and give me the opportunity to ask questions if needed. I have no idea what I would have done without her. Before I was just taking a bunch of random supplements and had no idea if they were going to help, and most of the time I ended up with seriously bad symptoms.

Now I feel confident that with Kim’s plan things will get better. A week into the protocol she suggested, and I was already smiling more and feeling better.

I was thinking about some non scale victories I’ve had since I’ve removed my copper IUD and started my HTMA supplement protocol. The first one is that I’ve stopped peeing all throughout the night and now I only wake up to pee once. Another one is the pain in my stomach completely went away along with any GI issues. Also my periods are way shorter. My skin looks way clearer and I only experience break outs occasionally throughout my cycle. My body experienced eczema all over my neck and under my chin and that went away. I used to break out from lotions like cocoa butter which never happened before the iud, but now that has went away. I have so much energy, like way more than what I’ve ever had my whole life. My libido has definitely went back to how it was before the coil. I sleep like a baby and overall I’m a happier person.

I believe everyone should get an HTMA test done with a certified professional, so why not Kim? Thank you Kim!!!!

Charisma P.

College Student

Unfortunately, I’m a migraine sufferer. Sometimes it’s due to the changing weather, but over the last several months they increased as I tried increasing my exercise routine.

I had been exercising 4-5 times a week doing a mix of Jazzercise, walking, and running, but would then be down for the rest of the day with a migraine. I tried making sure I ate a healthy breakfast before exercising, drinking more water during my workouts, being more aware of my breathing patterns, but nothing was working so I slowly stopped exercising. But this wasn’t working for me. I needed to workout for several reasons, so I needed to find a solution.

So knowing that she once suffered from migraines, too, I decided to reach out to Kim. She talked with me not just about proper nutrition but the necessary vitamins and minerals we need that we likely don’t get enough of from the foods we eat. I admit I was a little skeptical, but was willing to try it. She listed, not a product, but various vitamins and minerals to implement into my daily diet. Over the course of a month I realized that, not only was I sleeping better, having less bloat, but I hadn’t had a single migraine. To put it all to the test, I started running again. Running and 85+ degree weather is a perfect storm for me to trigger a migraine, but nothing. Not a single one.

Now, I have always enjoyed the ability to eat what I like in moderation without depriving myself. I LOVE food. But I knew I was likely lacking in essential vitamins and minerals on a regular basis. Kim blew me away with her knowledge, what she was willing to do to help me find a solution, and was so supportive about what I was ready to try. So if you’re suffering from migraines or just looking to implement healthy habits, I highly recommend talking with her.

Laura H.

Assistant Librarian

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is ingrained in who Kim is – as a woman, entrepreneur, athlete, and guiding light in the health and wellness space. Drawing on her own journey, Kim is the best person to learn from because she’s been there and she gets it. I admire her work and am in awe of her drive to continue becoming the best version of herself.

When she sees a hurdle, she doesn’t just stop and turn around. She analyzes all sides and asks, “how can I get around this in a way that works best for me?” She knows in order to achieve your goals, you must continue challenging yourself and surpassing where you’re at. And it all starts with a healthy body and a happy mind. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her will never be the same!

Laura P.

Women's Health Strategist

Kim is so passionate about helping people discover how to feel their best and perform at their highest levels – whether that be athletes who want to hone in on their nutrition or just people who want to feel great.

She is meticulous in her research and has an impressive amount of knowledge on how the body works, but is able to communicate that knowledge in a way that anyone can understand. Kim has truly found her niche in helping people feel better, function better, and perform better!

Marie B.

Travel Consultant

I started working with Kim hoping to see improvements in my daily migraines and my overall mental health. Kim is a fantastic teacher who really cares about making your own success story. She is readily available to answer any questions, easy to talk to and is very passionate about helping people get well. Thank you Kim. You are a gem!


I’ve suffered from chronic migraines since I was 12 years old. I’ve always been told it was hormonal but was never given much direction. Kim and I connected when we found out much of what I had been suffering were also key things she had dealt with. Kim immediately started helping me.

I lost 5 ½ lbs in the first two weeks – weight I’ve always had a difficult time losing. And still, 2 months later, I have not gained that weight back.

I’ve also seen a significant change in my migraines. They’ve gone from 4 a week to maybe 1-2 a month. One of the best decision I made was opening up to Kim about what I had been suffering from. Every woman needs a support in their life…Kim is just that!   

Marium B.

Financial Analyst

Kim is the most health focused woman I know. She’s thoroughly dedicated to changing peoples lives through health and day after day shows up for her community supporting them from the goodness of her heart. She’s full of integrity and walks her talk. If you’re looking for support to obtain optimal health and get top notch understanding and support, Kim is your girl.


Business & Success Coach

I highly recommend working with Kim!

She is an expert and a professional who is so easy to talk to and work with.

Her customized plan for me based on my test results and questionnaire answers has made a significant impact on my life.

I’m not as exhausted as I was, moods are more balanced, am losing weight and feel great!

Megan M.

Project Coordinator / Freelance Writer

I’m so glad I found Kim to help me change my life for the better.

I appreciate ALL of her help, advice, support and care! I have already told most of my friends about her and I hope some day they reach out for help. I know we can all benefit from your knowledge and support. I will be in touch in a few months for more testing.

Thanks again for everything Kim!

Sarah M.