Success Stories

“If you’re struggling with stubborn health issues & doctors aren’t taking you seriously, reach out to Kim”


“This brought me back to life and it can bring you back to life too!”


“Working with Kim has been wonderful!”


“This has completely changed my life”


I decided to start my journey with functional medicine, because I was sick of feeling sick. Having three autoimmune diseases, I was looking for answers, and ultimately, a way to prevent them from getting worse. All my doctors said “it just happens to some people.” All my peers said “you are the healthiest one out of any of us.” But I knew something wasn’t right.

At 32 years old, I was losing handfuls of hair in the shower, I was in a state of constant bloating, I always felt tired. I knew there had to be something better. After shopping around to different practitioners, even some of the big named ones, I decided on Kim’s services because she was practical, available and empathetic.

Kim’s approach is great because she takes the time to make sure you are understood, you are heard, and that your treatment is truly going to make you better, and tailored to your needs. What made me nervous about going into functional medicine was the question of when I should trust the doctors and when I should follow the functional medicine way.

Kim was really wonderful in helping me to navigate this, especially with being a type 1 diabetic. She was always looking out for my best interest, and would tell me when she would recommend I tell my doctors what is going on. She makes herself available for questions and meetings, and always finds resources when she may not have the answer right away.

Since starting with Kim 8 months ago, I have definitely noticed some changes. My hair is not falling out as much, even my hairdresser said she saw more hair on my scalp since my last visit before Kim!

Also, after 15 years of not having a menstrual cycle due to one of my auto-immune diseases, it came back. I now have a very regular cycle, which is something I never thought I’d experience again.

My blood sugars are way more stable than they were previously. I see this improvement daily, and get an added bonus of knowing that this is working, because I am becoming more and more insulin sensitive.

If you are ready to take this journey, Kim is the right person to do so. I am so incredibly lucky to have found her for my experience, and that she has given me the tools and resources I need to continue my functional medicine path.


Loved working with Kim! After dealing with stomach pains and GI discomfort for years with no significant findings I decided I wanted to try a new, different route.

Kim pinpointed issues with the lab tests she runs and has really helped me by building a custom plan to alleviate my symptoms. Her step by step custom plan has been a lifesaver and I can’t say enough great things about the work she does!

She is a wonderful resource and someone who I felt comfortable with every step of the way!


We came to Kim after trying everything we thought possible to help our son’s gut and skin issues.

She was extremely kind, thoughtful and encouraging throughout our meetings and when sharing his new protocol. She gave us new ideas, supplements and lists of whole food that would work for him.

His gut was a wreck at the age of 2, his skin was constantly covered in eczema and Kim helped us break through. She helped us heal his gut and now, his skin is clear. We haven’t seen clear skin since he was 3 months old. As parents, we do our best to go above and beyond for our children.

I’m so thankful we found Kim to help our son. We would recommend her to anyone.

Asher's Family

Right after I turned 40, I was diagnosed with another chronic illness. I decided I was tired of merely reacting to my health; I needed to be more proactive. Shortly after, a friend shared one of Kim’s posts on Instagram, and I started exploring her content.

After our first call, I was excited but skeptical—not because of Kim, but because I knew if I committed, I had to be all in, which wasn’t usually my MO. Yet, I also knew I couldn’t keep living the way I was. I wanted to be a healthier version of myself for my family. I also wanted to do the work so that I was equipped to help my daughter.

Kim was fantastic to work with. She allowed me to go at my own pace, answered all my questions, and held me accountable while still giving me space to figure out how to balance everything. It was a great way to kick-start my healing journey, and I am thankful for all that she does! She really does work with your schedule, your personality and customizes the plan to fit you.


My story with Kim begins after crossing paths with a lovely human I’ll refer to as “P” and I will be forever grateful  for her choosing to share her own health journey with me.  The rest is history….

When I first heard about Kim I was already working with another Functional Nutritionist, but was not getting the results I was wanting or needing.  After hearing about Kim I gave myself a few days to read about her work, and through all the testimonials, I thought “what do I have to lose”, and this is when I booked my discovery call.

Right from the beginning I had a strong pull to connect with Kim, and when I finally spoke to her I felt an ease in my body that I had finally found someone who would be able to partner with me in untangling my health challenges that have plagued me for most of my life, but more significantly in the last 12 years.  What really resonated with me was Kim‘s calming demeanour, her grounded approach where she tells you right from the beginning that science and facts will dictate the steps that she takes.  I cannot express how important the “root cause” approach is.  I’ve spent a lot of money and time with other practitioners to only get to a place where I felt “ok”, and could never quite maintain this.

I’ve now worked with Kim for 7 months and will be with her for a little while longer.  Even after our coaching sessions are done, I’ve already asked to continue to book check-in sessions with her.  I cannot imagine not having her knowledge, kindness, patience, and fact based approach in my life.  I’ve lived with an autoimmune condition since I was a baby and will always need to have a pulse on my health, and I trust Kim wholeheartedly to be part of my wellness team.

You’ll notice I chose a picture of myself and my son.  This picture was taken only a few weeks ago.  A goal I’ve had since welcoming my beautiful son into our lives is to be able to travel freely with him, and to be able to take a “mom and son” trip.  Well we made it!  Up until earlier this year I’ve struggled with feeling a lack of confidence in my health.  I’ve dealt with so many highs and lows over the years that I never quite felt well enough in trusting that I could handle the stresses of embarking on a trip out of country.  This is also a good place to mention that Kim has many amazing external resources to aid in your healing journey.  I’ve been able to address my nervous system which has been a big piece in my continued healing.  So, here I am enjoying the Caribbean weather with my son, still following my protocol and feeling pretty darn great!  This is the thing about healing, it’s not linear, I know I’ll still have some low days, but those are becoming less and less, and I now have tools along with the inner confidence to better navigate these days.

To any person reading my testimony this is what I have to say in closing, “invest in yourself, you are worthy of feeling good both inside and out, we are not meant to suffer, and I promise you that Kim will help you find your balance again with time, patience, kindness and knowledge”.


I can think of many wonderful, valuable, professional attributes that Kim Heintz possesses, and there are three that particularly stand out for me while working with her for the past several months.

First, her wealth of knowledge: She is an expert in her field and treats her clients according to facts discovered through proper testing; there is no guesswork. As well, her knowledge of healing protocols relates back to her lab findings. My end result has been much improved health and vitality.

Second, my experience is that Kim considers her client’s input as integral for creating an ongoing treatment plan; in other words, she listens to me and values my questions, opinions, fears, unwritten health history, etc. She has always included me in building a roadmap back to good health (because 1) I wanted to be a team player and 2), I’m super-sensitive to my body’s wisdom in what’s working/what’s not. No other health professional has ever valued my thoughts and feelings about my health as much as Kim has.

Finally, and this one warms my heart, Kim is very kind and caring. She has been my biggest cheerleader for all the milestones I have reached in my working with her. As well, she leads from the heart, especially when I stumble or screw up, and she consistently treats me with understanding and patience.

For the past 12 years, I’ve spent several thousands trying to get answers as to why my health has been deteriorating, but until I met Kim, no one (MD or naturopath) could give me a definitive reason, as well as the proper protocol to restore my previously good health.

Today, I’m on my way, and almost to the end of the roadmap that leads back to health and vitality.


Working with Kim has been life changing for me.

I have been experiencing digestive issues for over a decade. I’ve seen multiple doctors, GI specialists, and naturopaths. When I started working with Kim, I was feeling really hopeless. I was extremely bloated and in pain by the end of every day. My stomach would be so swollen, I looked pregnant. My energy was super low and I just never felt good.

Kim put me at ease right away with our initial consultation. She is so empathetic and really wants to help people get better. The tests we did were so validating. They identified and explained my issues after years of doctors telling me I just had IBS.

Kim’s knowledge and communication are amazing. She walks you through every single step and is so quick at answering questions and providing support. Her empathy and communication never wavered during our time together.

There are definite ups and downs throughout the journey, but it was so helpful having her when I’d get frustrated or had questions. She is always there to listen and give advice. I can’t believe how much different I feel in just 4 months. My bloating and pain has improved so much along with my energy level. I’m constantly aware of how different I feel now.

I’m 45 and haven’t felt this good in 10 years. I cannot thank Kim enough. If you are able to work with her, absolutely do it!


After 2 years and spending thousands of dollars all to not see progress in my gut health, I found Kim Heintz through Instagram and her message resonated with my personal goals. Kim is the only specialist I met that understands the need to diagnose before you prescribe.

Her approach simply makes sense with testing first, then tailoring the plan to my specific deficiencies. 

Kim is incredibly patient, understanding, and always open to hearing me out. This wellness journey wouldn’t be the same without Kim’s support!

I had the privilege of working with Kim, and I fully recommend working with her. Right from our very first conversation I could tell that she genuinely cared about my health concerns and symptoms.

Before I worked with Kim, I was battling frequent migraines, had been diagnosed with PCOS, suffered from hypothyroidism, and had persistently low energy, however I had a gut feeling that there was more to it. That’s when I found her Instagram and decided to contact her so I could finally figure out the root causes of all my health problems. Once I did, she took the time to listen to all of my health concerns and symptoms and figure out the right tests to run, ensuring to get a complete picture of my health.

When the test results were in, I finally got validation for the root causes of all of my symptoms! It felt so great to know that everything had a cause and it could be addressed. With the test results, Kim tailored a health protocol that was unique to my needs. She also prepared checklists periodically that made it easy to stay on track with the protocol. And when things changed, she was quick to adjust the plan to match my evolving health needs.

What truly sets Kim apart is her support throughout the entire process. Her professionalism, expertise and her personal touch have truly transformed my health journey. Now I can finally say that my symptoms have improved tremendously! I can’t thank her enough for being the guiding light on my path to better health. If you’re looking for someone who’s not only knowledgeable but also compassionate and supportive, I wholeheartedly recommend Kim.


I have struggled with GI and hormone issues for 8 years since the birth of my son. I went to many doctors, natural clincs and naturopaths to try to figure out what was going on with me and made very little progress.

Things got worse for me in May 2022 with weight gain, hair loss, tinnitus, migraines and eye floaters. I felt awful most days and we realized we had a chimney leak. I found Kim online and she was able to order many tests for me to figure out what was going on.

We found out I had mold toxicity, H. Pylori, hormone imbalances and mineral deficiencies from the mold. She started me on some specific tailored protocols and I started to feel better within a few weeks.

I just had re-testing done and I have successfully been able to detox from mold. I still have some gut healing to do but I have come a long way.

She is the only practitioner that has been able to help me after years!

I would highly recommend her to everyone! Thank you Kim!


Where does one begin? As many people come across any health obstacle they are always looking for the most efficient way to get to the finish line or find an answer. My journey began with consistent acid reflux. Like many, my first step was to see a gastroenterologist. After a few visits with the doctor I was skeptical of the route my path was going. My belief was there is an answer or a better direction out there.

After many phone calls and research, I uncovered that this journey was not going to be easy. I kept finding practices or people who can help but their services required me to travel or spend large amounts of money out of pocket. Thankfully, I started to research on instagram about acid reflux. I saw many things start to pop up. While following up with my gastroenterologist I had mentioned a family member who recently was having acid reflux and was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor mentioned something about H. Pylori but never mentioned he would test for it.

I started to look into H. Pylori and it directed me to Kim. Her instagram appeared and I scheduled a consultation. When speaking with her she took her time and brought up H. Pylori on her own. The best part was she was confident she could test for it and help uncover the root of my acid reflux. Kim spoke with me for about an hour and half. I think we might have even gone over our time allotted. The more and more we talked the more I felt this person wants to help and not just check off a box or prescribe medication such as a doctor. Kim laid out her plan and services clearly. Her reassurance and patience with one phone call helped me to take this journey with her. Once I completed tests with Kim we found a few issues that were contributing or the root of my issue. Through supplementation and diet my results progressed quickly. 

My journey is still continuing and I have learned alot about my body. In the process, I lost 25lbs which I’d like to contribute to proper digestive health along with diet. The best part is the acid reflux is not consistent anymore and in the past 6 months I may have had only 1 or 2 instances where I felt a little bit of that acid reflux. It feels it is all but gone.

Overall, with the right direction from Kim and now a new understanding of how to go about any health issue, I am more than thankful to be where I am at. I can’t thank Kim enough and I hope more people take measures and use services from Kim because it can change your life.


I always thought I had taking care of myself. It’s not until we are secure and mature enough to realize, it’s okay to reach out to someone help you improve. My friend referred me to Kim. At first, I was skeptical. However, Kim is the first person, after speaking with her that I was at ease with working with her.

I have suffered from auto-immune issues for most of my life, I have been going to drs all over the East coast as some of the best hospitals in the country. I even had to transfer schools because I got so sick and had to be closer to home. Never getting any real help or answers. After years, Kim had helped me find root causes.

Over the past few months, all of my symptoms have been eliminated through protocol and steps that Kim created and helped me through.

Through working with Kim, I have learned to recognize what’s good for me mentally and physically. I have learned so much in working with her. I have learned excellent habits. On top of that, I have suffered with eating disorders and body dystrophia for most of my life. I can say in confidence, in working with Kim, she has taught me the ways of what works for me and what doesn’t.

I have never felt more secure in my body and my health. I highly suggest in working with Kim. Kim doesn’t only help you, but truly shows empathy. I can say confidently I am walking away positive habits, healthier gut, good health and a positive outlook from here. Work with Kim, you will not regret it!!!


If you are given the opportunity to work with Kim to improve your health and your life, DO IT!

Testing is so simple and can be done locally or at home. Supplements are sent right to your door. Kim lays everything out in detail so it is easy to follow. Any doubts I had with trying new things she was there to assure me I would be fine or there were always different things to try.

My nutrition recommendations as well as helpful ways to detox were laid out for me. I just had to do the work.

My life has changed in ways I never imagined since I started working with Kim. She has helped me to get my life back. Put your faith in her and trust the process. Do the work and you can change your life!

I am so thankful the universe sent me to her.
Thank you so much Kim!!


I found Kim on instagram while looking for information on histamine intolerance and food
sensitivity testing. I’ve struggled with gastrointestinal issues my whole life, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve had other new symptoms crop up, ranging from migraines and joint pain to vertigo, anxiety and heavy depression.

After being tested and diagnosed with an E. coli infection that had lasted at least 7 months, I began asking why? Why had I, an active, young(ish), generally healthy person struggled with an E. coli infection for so long when most people clear it within days or weeks?

My doctor had no answers and was unwilling to do further testing so I began to look elsewhere.

From the moment I connected with Kim it felt like a weight had been lifted and the clouds of uncertainty cleared. She began with extensive testing and I was finally getting the answers to all my questions. All of my mysterious and debilitating symptoms were finally being explained in a way that made sense and we immediately started making connections.

Within the first month my joints were no longer aching, my energy was returning and my gut began to calm. Working with Kim gave me hope for my future, and an arsenal of tools in my tool belt for self care and supporting my immune system and body as a whole.

Having Kim on your team means getting answers, clear guidance, unwavering support and an unbelievable amount of information. Kim has truly been a blessing in my life and I cannot recommend her work enough.


Working with Kim has been life changing.

I started my health journey in 2016 when I was struggling to get pregnant. I also felt like something was wrong health wise because I often had times when I just felt off.

After seeing many doctors that ran minimal tests, I felt myself getting angry and frustrated. As time continued, I noticed myself feeling worse and I began to have stomach issues. The thought of seeing another doctor made me anxious and frustrated.

I began doing acupuncture and functional medicine but noticed after doing my own research that there were a lot of things getting missed, like the importance of opening detox pathways before addressing bacterial overgrowth. I began to notice that when I brought these concerns up the provider wasn’t very receptive. Again, I began feeling angry, frustrated, and hopeless. I couldn’t do it anymore and I was praying for another way to address my health.

By the grace of God I came across Kim’s Instagram page and the information she provided was so helpful. Shortly after I began following her Instagram page, she sent me a message to see if I had any questions. I was surprised!!

Instantly I felt like someone that knows a lot about what I was feeling could help me and was taking the time to talk to me before I enrolled in her program. This meant a lot to me.

Once I enrolled in Kim’s program I felt a lot of support and was provided with A LOT of helpful information. I also appreciated how Kim answered all my questions within the same day. I used to have to wait several days with my previous provider. You will be really happy working with Kim and you will begin to see positive changes quickly! Thanks again Kim!


Where do I begin! I can’t say enough how amazing Kim is; she knows her stuff!

Since I’ve been seeing Kim my GI issues have gotten so much better and now I know more about what caused my stomach issues.

The first phone consultation I had she asked me many questions to get to know me and my issues. She was very knowledgeable and knew almost immediately what a lot of my issues were. She had me do lab tests to complete at home and bloodwork so we could figure out exactly what was creating the GI issues.

The next phone appointment we discussed the lab results, put me on a plan, and gave me supplements.

Whenever I had questions she got back to me immediately. I started seeing results and feeling a lot better not even a week later. Since I’ve been seeing Kim my GI has gotten so much better and now I know more about what caused my stomach issues.

She changed my life for the better! Can’t thank you enough! 


At the start of winter 2022, I found myself exhausted, anxious, dizzy/lightheaded all the time, and all around in one of the roughest mental and physical places I had ever been in my life. The holidays were coming up and I felt myself spiraling into bad eating habits and getting off my exercise routine.

That’s when I found Kim through her Instagram account and I started looking through all of her information. Everything she was describing about migraines and fatigue and anxiety sounded like she was speaking directly to me and my situation.

I had seen my primary care doctor several times in the past two years about the complaints of dizziness and lightheadedness. Of course all the bloodwork and tests my provider ran came back normal and I continued to be left without answers. I started to feel like maybe I was crazy or I would just have to accept that this is how I would feel after having 3 babies in 6 years and getting through COVID.

Then, I had my initial consultation with Kim and everything changed. For the first time I had someone else describe to me that they experienced similar symptoms and that I was not alone or crazy (my psychologist confirmed this as well!)

I had seen another functional medicine provider a few years ago but was not given nearly the same level of attention or clear pathway to healing that Kim provided. She was kind, compassionate, and confident she could help me get back to feeling like me again.

After a really rough holiday season, mentally and physically, I was able to start getting lab results back from the specialized tests Kim ordered and those revealed several different imbalances that I had no idea were occurring in my body.

Not only that, but those imbalances actually matched my symptoms, and for the first time I had validation that there was actually a cause for how I was feeling. And even better yet, there was a treatment path I could take to address the issues!

After 6 months of working with Kim on detox, diet adjustments, and appropriate supplementation, I finally feel like myself again! I have only experienced 2 or 3 migraine episodes which are no longer debilitating, and I feel like I finally have control of how to manage many other issues as well.

I have gained knowledge and understanding of my body and how my diet and activity levels truly affect me, and I work in healthcare myself so this has still been so eye opening!

It is difficult to describe all that Kim has given me in just a few months time and I cannot thank her enough. My family sees the changes in me and they tell me regularly that I seem happier and more present. I can engage in activities with my three kiddos and not have migraines wreck a great time. These are just a few of the pieces of my life that have benefitted from my work with Kim.

I cannot recommend her and her program enough.


As an athlete, I knew I was having problems, but I had no way to determine what was wrong and what was going on with my body.  I was actually looking for someone who provides services like Kim, but I didn’t know where to find them.  So, I feel so lucky to discover what Kim and the services she provides are all about.

I have used Kim’s services for several years now.  She provides unique, in-depth health care services that are difficult to find using more traditional health care avenues.  I found that the tests she ran for me were ideal to get to the root cause of my problems.  She also was able to analyze them thoroughly on a granular level to better determine what might be going on with my body.  I have not found anything close to this type of in-depth data from my primary care physician for example.

I also appreciate how she was able to explain the results so that people who are not as well versed as she is with medical terminology can better understand what is going on with our bodies and what is required on our parts to fix it through various health protocols.  I expect to continue to use her services in the future. 


As a firefighter there’s a heightened risk of being exposed to chemicals that are found in smoke, even while wearing all of my protective equipment. I was also concerned with how sleep deprivation affected my bodies natural ability to fight off disease.

Kim recommended the appropriate testing for me and the results were alarming, but not surprising. I’m beyond happy I had my lab work done with Kim.

The best part was she created a protocol for me to make changes with proper supplementation and wellness tips to feel great with results to prove her testing and follow up protocols were working. 10/10 would recommend to EVERYONE.


I found Kim on Instagram and resonated with her posts, after asking many questions I had a great feel for her knowledge, personality and patience to ensure all my questions and concerns were answered and felt she would be a great fit for me.

I was hesitant at first because I had worked with SO many practioners in the past and nobody had been able to find many answers. I have been feeling unwell since 2015 so after spending so much money and still having symptoms it was getting tough to not feel despair and like I was just throwing more money out the window. Kim assured me we would get to the bottom of it together and she did that and then some!

I found out after 8 years that I had mold toxicity, an HPylori infection that I had already tested negative for 3 times and many other imbalances she uncovered. Since our time together while still living in mold and under partial remediation, I have already seen some very promising improvements and it has completely changed my outlook emotionally and physically. The relief I felt to get solid answers was indescribable.

She uses her many tools and applies them to your unique situation. Her process is very thorough and detailed which are very important qualities for me. After working with so many that were brief, not good at explaining and feeling like I was unimportant, rushed and many times I had been told our time is up we can discuss it later. Kim’s standard is superior! She has been beyond patient, understanding, caring and informative throughout this entire process and I feel seen, heard, supported, encouraged, and she has brought me great joy with her fun and kind personality.

I always felt very safe asking her anything, and she responds in a non-judgmental, and caring and helpful way. It changed my thought process to looking for solutions instead on dwelling on the negative that I was getting so used to. This allowed me to reframe those internal thoughts into a much kinder voice of self-care rather than shame, guilt or defeat.

I am now embracing this healing journey head on and am actually excited to continue healing under Kim’s care. She has also taught me how to handle and successfully negotiate the bumps and hurdles on my path along the way. In such a short period of time, I have traveled so far in my journey of self-care, happiness, and balance.

Kim, you have taught me more than you will ever know and I will forever be grateful and appreciative. Part of my journey is to share the kindness and care you have shown me to others and pay it forward. By continuing to grow in my self-care development, I will be better able to care for others, which brings me great joy as I can tell my success has equally brought you joy which is the sign of an extraordinary practioner!

Thank you for all you do and for your magical ways of delivering messages, understanding me with your intuitiveness and staying just as determined as myself on my case! Your voice, smile and grace will forever be in a special place in my heart! ♥


I have struggled with frequent migraines, fatigue, acne and hormonal issues for over a decade. While I’d made a lot of progress on my healing journey, I knew that something was still missing. Sure enough, the tests Kim ran revealed a few pertinent issues.

I started feeling better after just a few weeks of implementing her protocols. It has been 4 months now and I feel better than I ever have in my entire adult life!

I have more energy, feel more balanced, my digestion has improved, my skin has cleared up and those pesky migraines are few and far in between now. My body recovers so much faster from stressful days now, it is truly amazing! I feel like I can finally start living the life I have always dreamt of.

Kim’s caring nature makes her very pleasant to work with. She is reliable and addresses all questions and concerns promptly. She is worth every penny!


Landscape Construction Estimator

My work with Kim came after dealing with hypothyroidism for at least a decade and having recently come off of hormonal birth control. While my thyroid disorder had always been treated I became aware that I had developed a few nodules and inflammation in my thyroid still, I was feeling frustrated because this, along with my many symptoms, was a red flag to me that my root causes were not being addressed. This ultimately prompted me to stop my birth control in 2019 and really dig into my healing journey.

Independently, I was able to make a good amount of progress initially but still had a slew of symptoms and wasn’t feeling my best. I was also concerned for any implications these root causes would have on my fertility in the coming years.

Some of my symptoms were migraines, persistent weight gain, acid reflux and digestion issues. I also dealt with feelings of fatigue, brain fog and irritability. I had been so used to feeling like this I attributed it largely to getting older. Gosh was I wrong.

In December of 2022 I began my protocol. Kim has been so helpful on my healing journey and is a wealth of knowledge. I am in the middle of my protocol currently but within a few weeks of starting I began to notice significant changes in my energy levels and digestion. Since then, I have also been way less bloated and really feel like my metabolism and gut health is improving. I’ve noticed less migraines and only occasional food specific acid reflux.

All of this has had such a positive impact on my mood.

It’s apparent that Kim cares about her clients and is always willing to answer questions and provide guidance. For the occasional question she doesn’t have an immediate answer she does her due diligence to find answers and get you accurate information in a timely fashion.

Kim offers a thorough protocol and testing options while helping every step of the way. She has enabled me to feel in control of my protocol and health, I truly feel like we are working together more than just having her tell me what to do.

I also love that the protocol she develops is so custom that she is really able to adapt it to your goals both within your health journey and for life as well.



After being in the best shape of my life, I suddenly gained a significant amount of weight with no explanation, and found myself at my worst. I was feeling awful. Low energy, unbalanced, fatigue, brain fog, hard time getting out of bed, and my regular doctor wanted to tell me that it was just my thyroid meds. I was overall frustrated with my lack of energy and ability to reach my health goals, despite trying a lot of things.

Then I started working with Kim and slowly but surely, I started to feel like myself again. I have a deeper understanding of what holistic health means for my body, I am able to tell what my body responds well to and what it doesn’t, and I genuinely feel so much better.

Having Kim in my corner through this journey was truly the best thing. She was always so helpful in answering my questions, providing guidance, and going above and beyond with encouragement throughout this whole process.

If you’re tired of not feeling like yourself, definitely reach out to Kim!



I highly recommend working with Kim! It was great for me because we are both so similar, both cyclists and athletes. Which was a huge help through the process because she really understood my needs and could sympathize.

I am really glad I made the jump to work with her. Prior to working with Kim, I had gone the route that many have gone. The doctor after doctor, lab after lab. Only to be told “you look normal” or “you’re in a healthy range”.

But I didn’t feel normal, I didn’t feel healthy, I felt tired, I felt heavy, I had gained weight for reasons unknown to me. I hadn’t changed a thing, and the pounds kept piling on. I am an active person, I eat well, I like being outdoors. It made no sense to me at all.

After doing labs and tests with Kim we found in fact that I was not normal, but that there was a lot we could do to help remedy the situation. Within a few months I was feeling better, more energy, and sleeping through the night finally!

Kim made this process so easy and was so supportive throughout!


Interior Designer & Athlete

When I first contacted Kim, I had been dealing with issues with my digestion and some serious bowel movement changes for several months. I was mostly dealing with constipation. It had become chronic and was nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Over time I had also developed daily abdominal bloating and discomfort, intermittent abdominal tenderness, and eventually reached a point where I had searing pain down the left side of my abdomen, flank, and into my back. The pain went on like this for two weeks without improvement, and sometimes my eyes would water because the pain grew so sharp. I was in and out of the ER, but blood work and CT scans showed no conclusive results.

Kim ran several tests, and the GI Map test revealed a presence of fecal blood, extremely high inflammation in my colon, and possible evidence of an intolerance to gluten. I did eventually get a colonoscopy and endoscopy with no significant findings. I immediately removed gluten from my diet.

Kim got me on a protocol of supplements that addressed all of my body’s needs and deficiencies, and she taught me how to gradually modify my diet to further address what was going on with my gut.

She taught me great brands to buy that were gluten/grain-free, and even sent me several recipes and cookbook recommendations. She also recommended a great autobiography by a woman with a similar gut condition to myself, and Kim really encouraged me to read it. I eventually ordered it, and this woman’s story was so refreshing and hopeful, and even healing for me to read. It really helped my perspective and mindset.

After a few weeks of the dietary and supplement modifications, my abdominal pain completely vanished and has not returned, and I began having regular bowel movements again for the first time in about 6 months.

After a few months, I retested my inflammation marker for my colon, and it went from 745 to 11! I rarely experience bloating anymore. I’m also feeling so much more energized throughout the day.

I’ve learned a wealth of knowledge about gut health, important minerals, and healthy eating habits that I can now use to nourish my body for the rest of my life, and raise my children with their health in mind and pass this information onto them.

I am so grateful for Kim and all of her help!


As an elementary teacher, Jasmine was working hard when suddenly she was feeling extreme fatigue, anxiety, and depressed emotions but the most disabling was the brain fog/confusion.

After much personal research and connecting with numerous health practitioners to help our daughter, Jasmine, over a six month period with little progress. I was certain that healing was possible so I continued to search for answers.

One day, I was fortunate to read Kim’s story of healing and her training background and I quickly reached out as I knew she understood how to return our daughter to her happy, energetic self.

It was not until we had an HTMA and consults with Kim that we uncovered the missing pieces to her healing. Kim was so knowledgeable, responsible and kind.

With the detox support and individualized nutrient formulation to address identified issues, our girl, in a matter of weeks, felt like herself and is enjoying life to the fullest again.

We are forever grateful for the hope and healing support that Kim provided!!

Karen (Jasmine's Mom)

I have struggled with chronic dizziness, fatigue, brainfog, acne, anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms for a long time. I tried many other treatments and therapy but nothing could actually help or made me feel at least a little better. I just wasn’t myself anymore and couldn’t do the easiest tasks anymore.

So I did an HTMA and was looking for a professional to help me with a plan to heal. I found Kim and starting her program was the best choice!

Already after the first week I started to feel much better and finally be myself again.

The dizziness completely disappeared and all the other symptoms got better and better. It’s incredible how much energy I have throughout the day now. I am back to my workout routine and back to enjoying life the fullest!

Kim did a thorough analysis of my HTMA and health history; then I got a health plan customized for my personal needs. I really appreciated the fact that she explained every detail of the analysis and following plan, and she gave me full support for any question I had during the first month.

I am not fully healed, but I am also just 2 months in the program. So I am confident that I will feel better and better every week.


Marketing Specialist

For half of my life I’ve suffered from chronic diarrhea; as a result, this caused a huge impact on my social activities and life. I was constantly having anxiety because I didn’t know when the urge to go to the bathroom would come on so I started limiting the places I went to.

I constantly made sure there was a bathroom wherever I was going, and it really took a toll on my life. When I started working with Kim, she ran several tests to try and pinpoint and figure out the causes of this chronic diarrhea that I was having.

After working with her for just a few months, my diarrhea has gone away completely, and I feel so much better. I’m able to sleep at night and my anxiety has toned down a tremendous amount.

I am so grateful that I got this opportunity to work with Kim as she has helped me immensely get back to the life I had before chronic diarrhea.


Analytics Consultant

I have been working with Kim for a few months and she has been so helpful. Not only do I have more energy but I am sleeping better and thinking more clearly.

Dealing with Hashimoto’s, CIRS and mold have been my big concerns and Kim has greatly helped me along this path. I have taken several tests through Kim (which she suggested put was not pushy about). Her knowledge shared has taken me to a deeper level of health.

I am grateful for the one on one time with Kim and not feeling rushed when I talk to her. She responds to emails promptly and follows up on everything she says she’ll do.

Kim truly cares and wants to help you.

Mary Ellen

I’ve been working my way through my protocol for a couple of months now. And as of today, I have now woken up 5 days in a row, feeling good and having energy ❤️

I have only taken my natural pre-workout in the morning for the gym, and I haven’t had to have any more caffeine throughout the day! That’s huge!

Before this, I haven’t had even a day or two days in a row that I’ve felt good in years!

Jessica R.

Lash Artist & Hair Stylist

With being an endurance athlete, I’m immediately aware when something isn’t right with my body. I was on a slow decline for over 2 years until I finally reached extreme fatigue. I had brain fog and days where I couldn’t even do laundry because I was so exhausted.

After seeing multiple doctors over the years who kept telling me I was fine, I found Kim, and she changed my life.

I went from feeling like I was dying to having the energy to train and race again, and the brain fog is gone. Kim created a customized supplement plan based on my test results, and I’m feeling so much better physically and mentally every day!


Adventure Racer

If you are feeling lost in what to do and have a mounting list of negative health symptoms, I highly recommend making the investment to work with Kim.️

My health journey has been many years in the making. It was clear early on that I was being written off by the  mainstream medical community despite the fact my symptoms persisted, changed and in some areas got worse. I am young and was categorized as exaggerating or being overly sensitive. After years of this, I began to look to “alternative” treatments for aid.

I would do a lot of research on my own, listen to health Podcasts, I am in many online groups that helped me try various supplements with  some improvement, BUT, despite some slow progress I was uncertain how everything played together as a whole, and where to go next. It was frustrating knowing I was doing “the right things” but not improving the way I should or had hoped.

I then started to look into having someone help me on this continued journey. I worked with a few other individuals in the past before hearing about Kim and functional medicine/health and those previous individuals left me just as confused as when I was on my own.

Working with Kim has been an answer to prayer. Both as a person and a professional Kim has been great to work with.

Professionally, taking a functional approach is something that has helped take the guesswork out of what is going on with my body. Symptoms are not random and are rarely, if ever, without cause. Having appropriate testing to gain knowledge  on individualized issues and then proper corresponding treatment protocols has been a game changer for me.

Before working with Kim I wasted money on random supplements as well as tests that were not right for me based on incorrect recommendations. Kim is very specific in her approach, testing and recommendations and clearly explains the whole process.

This leads to my second point, that in addition to utilizing a functional approach, Kim as a person is very knowledgeable, thorough, and organized. She has a plethora of information and has taught me so much. She is quick to respond and has worked with me through multiple tests, problems and protocols.

Health concerns can be isolating and it is a breath of fresh air to have someone on my side. I am still in the thick of my health journey.  I now have direction, understanding, and hope that my health will improve with age, not decline, and Kim has been a huge part of that for me over the past year.

Kaelee C.

Graphic Designer

I am six months into the protocol Kim created for me based on my second round of HTMA testing and I am feeling so much better!

It was great to see the comparison from the first round to the second and see that I have made improvements. I definitely feel the improvements but it is nice to see it in the numbers as well!

Kim’s support is like no other! She is so responsive to any and all questions or concerns I had. She knows her stuff and is not pushy at all! She gives you options and works within your budget. She provides links to products so I don’t have to search around to find it which I find super helpful!

I am so thankful to be working with Kim!

I don’t think I would be feeling as well as I do without her knowledge, guidance, and support! I am looking forward to testing again in a few months and seeing how much more my overall health and wellbeing has improved!

I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and wellbeing!


Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I’m so grateful that I listened to my gut and clicked on the link to Kim’s free webinar while scrolling through social media last summer.

Kim has an uncanny understanding of the female body. I have had chronic symptoms for over four years (fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, sleep difficulty, heavy periods, several other things) and Kim has made more sense of them than any other practitioner I have worked with.

I had improved some here and there prior to getting connected to Kim, but with her guidance and education, I have improved more in the last nine months than I did the 3.5 years beforehand.

Kim is gentle, compassionate, and empathetic because she’s been through the struggle of chronic symptoms, too. She has helped me get to the root of my symptoms so I can fully recover from the inside out.

She’s such an encouragement along this journey and she really, truly cares. I’m so excited for the healing I’ve already experienced and for what’s to come, thanks to her. ❤

Cassie L.

Enrollment Counselor

3 weeks into the custom protocol Kim created for me based on my test results and I am doing great and my energy is getting much better.

I have a lot less instances of heartburn and bloating and my under eye puffiness is almost gone!!!

Thanks for all of your help in getting me to a better place energetically and beyond!


I’ve only recently begun working with Kim and am slowly implementing the recommendations she had for me. I am still a work in progress, but I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplished in the short time we’ve worked together.

Kim was so responsive to my emails with questions and never made me feel bad for not being 100% compliant.

She celebrated the little things with me.

Kim is a wealth of information and so good about sharing it. I’m really excited to continue with her and re-test in a few months to see how I’ve progressed.

Sarah K.


Kim has been such a blessing to my life. Prior to working with Kim, I knew I wasn’t living the lifestyle that would help me to feel and perform at my best, but I didn’t know where to start. I assumed that my health concerns were all a part of getting older, and I just had to learn to adapt. But Kim has taught me how to take back control of my body.

Not only does she care about my health and how I feel, but it sometimes seems as if she knows my body better than I do. She provides informative materials at just the right time to provide the motivation I need. She checks in often to see how I’m doing, and I honestly feel that she cares about my success.

Kim doesn’t just tell you what you need to improve; she motivates you toward success. Kim’s encouragement pushed me beyond the goals I had set for myself. Her methods have taught me that I am capable of achieving my best self.

Jennifer M.

Software Trainer

I had been working on my health for about 2 years not knowing exactly what was wrong with me. I’ve had brain fog, fatigue, and anxiety for some time now. I would do things that would help for a little while but then it would come back and I got frustrated with not knowing exactly what supplements to buy or what was really helping.

I decided to work with Kim and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. After testing, now I know exactly what my body is lacking and have been on a supplement routine for a few months now. I’ve noticed that I feel so much more energetic…especially in the mornings! My mood has been better…my focus is better….I’m loving this! Also, it is so nice to have somebody in your corner to help you out when a supplement might not work for you or you need a plan B. It’s so nice to have the support!

Candice R.

Medical Coder

I was struggling with physical symptoms possibly caused by my copper IUD and other deficiencies. I scoured the Internet looking for a holistic approach to my ailments and luckily found Kim Heintz. She’s knowledgeable, kind, and relatable as she once experienced many of the issues I have.

After discussing her thorough review of my HTMA results and starting a personalized protocol, I am feeling so much better and look forward to working with Kim to continue on my path to wellness.

Rebecca H.

Financial Assessor

In September of 2019 I decided to try a different birth control form called the Paragard IUD. I was skeptical at first because every other birth control I tried didn’t work well with my body, but I had no intention of getting pregnant so I needed to have some sort of “guaranteed” protection.

Five months later and the side effects began. My hair started falling out, I was extremely tired and irritable, not to mention the 20-pound weight gain that I couldn’t seem to shake off. Frustrated, I decided to remove the object that I knew had been causing all my symptoms, my IUD.

After removing it, I expected all my problems caused by the IUD to go away, but after a month I still felt the same. I started researching online as to what could be causing my symptoms. Finally, I came across a post talking about HTMA testing and the benefits it could provide, and I was immediately intrigued. One of the group followers mentioned Kim Heintz, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, she was raving about how much Kim had helped her heal and how professional she was.

I messaged Kim asking for the pricing of her service, even though I am a full time student and money is tight, I knew that I couldn’t put a price limit on my health. As soon as I paid, Kim sent me tons of emails regarding how to complete the HTMA test and a getting started informational packet. I was in awe by her quick and efficient service. Kim sent the test through me in the mail and when the results came in we met. The whole process took less than three weeks.

When it came down to our virtual call Kim set aside time to make me a 17-page report giving details on every aspect of my test along with a supplement protocol guide. I felt overcome with joy because she gave me hope that there were better days to come.

After the call, Kim continues to follow up with me and give me the opportunity to ask questions if needed. I have no idea what I would have done without her. Before I was just taking a bunch of random supplements and had no idea if they were going to help, and most of the time I ended up with seriously bad symptoms.

Now I feel confident that with Kim’s plan things will get better. A week into the protocol she suggested, and I was already smiling more and feeling better.

I was thinking about some non scale victories I’ve had since I’ve removed my copper IUD and started my HTMA supplement protocol. The first one is that I’ve stopped peeing all throughout the night and now I only wake up to pee once. Another one is the pain in my stomach completely went away along with any GI issues. Also my periods are way shorter. My skin looks way clearer and I only experience break outs occasionally throughout my cycle. My body experienced eczema all over my neck and under my chin and that went away. I used to break out from lotions like cocoa butter which never happened before the iud, but now that has went away. I have so much energy, like way more than what I’ve ever had my whole life. My libido has definitely went back to how it was before the coil. I sleep like a baby and overall I’m a happier person.

I believe everyone should get an HTMA test done with a certified professional, so why not Kim? Thank you Kim!!!!

Charisma P.

College Student

Unfortunately, I’m a migraine sufferer. Sometimes it’s due to the changing weather, but over the last several months they increased as I tried increasing my exercise routine.

I had been exercising 4-5 times a week doing a mix of Jazzercise, walking, and running, but would then be down for the rest of the day with a migraine. I tried making sure I ate a healthy breakfast before exercising, drinking more water during my workouts, being more aware of my breathing patterns, but nothing was working so I slowly stopped exercising. But this wasn’t working for me. I needed to workout for several reasons, so I needed to find a solution.

So knowing that she once suffered from migraines, too, I decided to reach out to Kim. She talked with me not just about proper nutrition but the necessary vitamins and minerals we need that we likely don’t get enough of from the foods we eat. I admit I was a little skeptical, but was willing to try it. She listed, not a product, but various vitamins and minerals to implement into my daily diet. Over the course of a month I realized that, not only was I sleeping better, having less bloat, but I hadn’t had a single migraine. To put it all to the test, I started running again. Running and 85+ degree weather is a perfect storm for me to trigger a migraine, but nothing. Not a single one.

Now, I have always enjoyed the ability to eat what I like in moderation without depriving myself. I LOVE food. But I knew I was likely lacking in essential vitamins and minerals on a regular basis. Kim blew me away with her knowledge, what she was willing to do to help me find a solution, and was so supportive about what I was ready to try. So if you’re suffering from migraines or just looking to implement healthy habits, I highly recommend talking with her.

Laura H.

Assistant Librarian

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is ingrained in who Kim is – as a woman, entrepreneur, athlete, and guiding light in the health and wellness space. Drawing on her own journey, Kim is the best person to learn from because she’s been there and she gets it. I admire her work and am in awe of her drive to continue becoming the best version of herself.

When she sees a hurdle, she doesn’t just stop and turn around. She analyzes all sides and asks, “how can I get around this in a way that works best for me?” She knows in order to achieve your goals, you must continue challenging yourself and surpassing where you’re at. And it all starts with a healthy body and a happy mind. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with her will never be the same!

Laura P.

Women's Health Strategist

Kim is so passionate about helping people discover how to feel their best and perform at their highest levels – whether that be athletes who want to hone in on their nutrition or just people who want to feel great.

She is meticulous in her research and has an impressive amount of knowledge on how the body works, but is able to communicate that knowledge in a way that anyone can understand. Kim has truly found her niche in helping people feel better, function better, and perform better!

Marie B.

Travel Consultant

I started working with Kim hoping to see improvements in my daily migraines and my overall mental health. Kim is a fantastic teacher who really cares about making your own success story. She is readily available to answer any questions, easy to talk to and is very passionate about helping people get well. Thank you Kim. You are a gem!


Kim is the most health focused woman I know. She’s thoroughly dedicated to changing peoples lives through health and day after day shows up for her community supporting them from the goodness of her heart. She’s full of integrity and walks her talk. If you’re looking for support to obtain optimal health and get top notch understanding and support, Kim is your girl.


Business & Success Coach

I highly recommend working with Kim!

She is an expert and a professional who is so easy to talk to and work with.

Her customized plan for me based on my test results and questionnaire answers has made a significant impact on my life.

I’m not as exhausted as I was, moods are more balanced, am losing weight and feel great!

Megan M.

Project Coordinator / Freelance Writer

I found Kim thru a FB link regarding how the birth control medications were affecting your menstrual cycle. I signed up and listened to her (5) roughly 20 min sessions. I started emailing with her after session #2.

Her information resonated with me.

Of course, I was a little skeptical and looked up Functional Health Coach and found that there were certifications for it and Kim had one. Soon after, I signed up to work with Kim and then broke my wrist. She was very gracious in waiting for me to recover enough to be able to give me my test results and develop a plan of action for me. I started working thru her plan.

The instructions were easy to follow and it’s not just one thing. There are lots of things that one can do depending on the situation. I have supplements, which I purchase at a discount thru one of Kim’s supplement suppliers … most are less expensive than Amazon. Eating more nutritiously and taking breaks for self-care. I got a foot bath to use at least once a week with Epsom salts.

Kim was very generous with her time to get me started on a path to better health.

A few weeks in, I was already feeling better in the afternoons with more energy to complete my day.

Jennifer B.

I am so grateful for Kim and everything she has done to help me navigate my health journey. I wouldn’t have known where to begin nor where to go without her! She is the most thorough practitioner I have ever worked with, extremely communicative, and such a kind soul.

In just one month, the bloat in my face & stomach have gone down significantly; my “Alfred Hitchcock” belly is gone, which is awesome! My skin looks better, and my energy has increased!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health by finding the root cause!

Katy F.

Preschool Teacher

I’m so glad I found Kim to help me change my life for the better.

I appreciate ALL of her help, advice, support and care! I have already told most of my friends about her and I hope some day they reach out for help. I know we can all benefit from your knowledge and support. I will be in touch in a few months for more testing.

Thanks again for everything Kim!

Sarah M.

Working with Kim has been an amazing thing. I had to make several changes in my life but it’s all worth it because only a couple of weeks after starting my treatment I saw results!!!

I have worked with so many other doctors and therapists and I have never seen results like these. Kim was so generous with her time and patience, giving me all the info needed to feel comfortable and succeed.

My headaches are gone, my stomachaches are very few and more important than anything else I am happy!! My mood swings are gone, and I am happy to be alive and thriving, I am excited about school and work and love my family.

I am so grateful for Kim and the work she does. Thank you Kim, you are an answered prayer!


“If you’re struggling with stubborn health issues & doctors aren’t taking you seriously, reach out to Kim”


“This brought me back to life and it can bring you back to life too!”