Tips for feeling good after indulging this holiday season

Nov 24, 2020 | Hormone Balance

The holiday season is upon us! I don’t know about you, but I have no idea how it’s already the end of November.  While it’s felt like the longest year with the pandemic going on, it has also gone by really fast at the same time.

With the holidays, we tend to indulge a little more in general. This year, there may not be the typical parties going on that we’re used to, but with big at-home meals, small family gatherings, and all the beer, wine, and selzer advent calendars you can pick up at the store, it just seems that alcohol consumption is just more prevalent.

Drinking can be very stressful on the body. If we’re already dealing with fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, and headaches…it can make those worse.

That’s why I recommend that if you are going to indulge a little, be strategic about it.  

Doing so will help stop your blood sugar from crashing…leading to a potentially better night (possibly less of a chance of waking up in the middle of the night) and a better next day (yay for no hangover!).

Always pair a cocktail with food! It’s always best to have it with a full, balanced meal if you can. The combination of healthy fat, protein, and carbohydrate will slow the negative effects of alcohol and help your body process it easier.

I created a quick cheat sheet you can download and reference throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Click the image to download!

Keep in mind these tips are suggestions when drinking in moderation. A big night of partying may not be any match for these tips!

I made this printer-friendly so that you can have it easily accessible – or take a screenshot and save it on your phone for easy reference.

With these tips, hopefully you’ll sleep a little better, have more energy, and have more mental clarity even after having a glass or two of wine the night before.

Do you have a tip that’s worked for you in the past? Email me and let me know!



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