A 6-month experience which includes 4 labs, a customized plan based on your results, and an accountability partner.


You’re dealing with nagging symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, migraines, anxiety, acne & skin irritations, mood swings, night sweats, low sex drive, and sleep problems.

You’ve tried different diets, supplements, exercises, and therapies to try to get rid of your symptoms and nothing seems to really work.

You work out regularly, eat well, and do everything seemingly right, but still the symptoms persist.

You’ve been told that “everything looks normal” on your test results but deep inside feel like Something is being overlooked.

You have some days where you feel pretty good and are able to conquer anything that comes your way and other days where you just can’t focus or think.

You feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells with your symptoms. Some days, you feel pretty good but other days it seems like nothing feels good. And you have no idea what led to the change.

You research the internet looking for answers but seem to get a dozen conflicting viewpoints.


How would it feel if I told you that this doesn’t have to be your reality forever and that…
  • You could ditch the extra weight and bloat?
  • You could jump out of bed after a great night of sleep, full of energy and have mental clarity that lasts all day long?
  • You could be more productive at work and in life?
  • Your unexplained can melt away, never to return, and you’ll feel better than you ever have?
  • You could finally get answers to why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling? 
This is all possible through Transformed…

Introducing Transformed

From hidden stressors to the root cause to your symptoms, the Transformed program will create a personalized plan that provides you with a simple plan and sustainable results.

What’s wrong with the traditional medical model:

The traditional medical model addresses one, or a few, pieces of your health puzzle. This leaves you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and financially exhausted from trying all the things that just aren’t working. 

That’s why I created the Transformed experience. I was inspired by the changes I was able to make with my own health and tired of seeing women like you struggle with the same issues. 

Finally figure out what’s wrong.

I give clients access to the right lab tests and resources so we can look at the whole picture of your health. Your test results will indicate the root cause(s) you’ve been struggling with, which will finally give you insight into why what you’ve tried in the past hasn’t provided the results you want. 

I don’t guess, I test using functional lab tests and a series of self-assessments that provide detailed data that illustrates what you’ve been struggling with. This work is essential so we can connect the dots and you can move forward knowing exactly what changes to make in your life. 

In the Transformed experience, we’ll work together 1:1 where you’ll have direct access to me for 6 months as we work to turn your symptoms around.

This program was created with you in mind.

Hi, I’m Kim!

I spent YEARS struggling with migraines, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. In fact, I dealt with some of those issues for close to 20 years.

I tried everything – supplements, prescriptions, diets, juice cleanses, exercise, and more. Nothing I tried seemed to work. It was exhausting and I felt broken.

Fast forward to today, and I all of those symptoms are completely gone. I haven’t taken a prescription medication in years, and I feel better now in my late 30s than I did in my 20s.

The honest key to my success?  A combination of collecting the right data and a super simple strategy to rebuild my health once and for all.

I wasn’t doing what I see so many people doing now – I wasn’t trying a million different strategies. I wasn’t trying every supplement out there. I wasn’t jumping headfirst into a new diet hoping that it would get rid of my issues. I wasn’t starving myself or doing juice cleanses.

In working with my own health strategist, together we started with key assessment data from full-spectrum lab work (labs that doctors don’t typically run) and correlated it with the symptoms I was dealing with. From that, we identified core malfunctions in my body and put together a customized plan for healing based on my needs as a unique individual.

Today, years after implementing this protocol, the same strategies I applied to heal are what keep my energy high and free of nagging health issues.

I believe so much in the strategies that healed me that I went back and got certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner so that I could run labs on my clients to identify the root cause of their symptoms and use that data to educate people on how to heal. 

One of my favorite things is helping people like you achieve good health and feeling well again. I believe it’s everyone’s right to feel good all the time and be able to live their best lives ever.  And my unique approach through coaching and assessment is my opportunity to do just that.

What We’re Covering:


This experience is broken into four phases:

Here’s what’s included in the program:

Symptoms, while common, are not normal. They are usually a sign from the body that there are hidden imbalances inside. Sometimes we deal with symptoms even if we are active and eat healthy. If you deal with one or more of the following symptoms and what you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked, then lab testing may be the missing clue:

4 Labs & Their Fees

All labs are shipped directly to you and you take most of them from the comfort of your home. Once you have taken the samples, you drop them off at UPS and they are shipped back. Everything you need to take the samples and ship is sent to you, along with specific instructions on how to collect. The core labs included are: HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis), hormones, organic acids, and gut pathogen screen.


4 Comprehensive Screening Questionnaires

You’ll fill out several detailed self-assessments that key me into exactly how you’re feeling and what you’ve experienced. I’ll use these assessments to do a deep analysis and correlate with the lab results to look at the total picture of what’s going on with you so you can connect the dots to why you’ve been feeling the way you have. We’ll also revisit these labs when we reassess.


Getting Started Guide

While we wait for your test results, I’ll give you a list of strategies you can begin implementing immediately. This will prime your body for the custom protocol that you’ll receive from me.


A Custom Plan for Healing

Once I receive your questionnaires and the results from all your tests, I’ll analyze the data and put together a custom plan for healing. You’ll receive a written report and any supplemental materials/links that I recommend as part of it.  


1 Results & Recommendations Call

Once all your questionnaires are completed and your test results are in, we’ll get together on a 90-minute call to go over your case in detail. I’ll educate you about how your results relate to your symptoms and help you connect the dots as to why you’re feeling the way you are. We’ll also discuss the recommendations I have for you in all five pillars of D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success.

5 Additional Calls

Every other week after the results & recommendations call, we’ll get together on a 50-minute call to discuss your progress and question as well as provide you coaching on anything you need and provide accountability. This time together will keep you on track and also give you support along the way. As a result of these calls, I’ll provide supplemental resources, journal activities, to-do lists, guides, or whatever else is needed to help you in your journey.


Email access for daily support M-F

Between the coaching calls, you’ll have access to ask me any questions, share anything that is coming up for you, and get additional accountability, guidance, and support. I check email 2-3 times per day Monday-Friday. 

Discount on Supplements for Life

Supplements are one of the five pillars of the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success healing protocol. I partner with FullScript, which is like Amazon but only for supplements. I can give my clients a discount there and you can keep using that even after we’re done working together. I typically find supplements to be cheaper there than anywhere else.

How it Works:

  • Step 1: Click here to book a consult with Kim. You’ll fill out a quick questionnaire so I can get to know you better, which will let us dive deeper in our call.
  • Step 2: Chat with Kim and decide that it’s exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Step 3: Receive and complete an invoice and coaching agreement.
  • Step 4: Labs are ordered, personal self-assessments are sent to you, additional next steps are laid out., and we kick off your health rebuilding program!

What Clients Are Saying:



For years, I struggled with several issues and not feeling my best. I came across a webinar that Kim was offering and decided to take a chance to see what it was all about. I am so thankful I did! I have learned so much about my body and overall health!

I cannot say enough about the positive experience I have had working with Kim. She thoroughly reviewed the results from my HTMA test and came up with a personalized plan for me. I felt supported and validated. She was also very responsive to any questions or concerns that I may have had. I am in the early stages of this new health journey and I am already feeling better!

Kim is passionate about what she does, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their overall health and wellbeing!

~ Stephanie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I am so grateful for Kim and everything she has done to help me navigate my health journey. I wouldn’t have known where to begin nor where to go without her! She is the most thorough practitioner I have ever worked with, extremely communicative, and such a kind soul. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health by finding the root cause!

~ Katy, Preschool Teacher

Kim has been such a blessing to my life. Prior to working with Kim, I knew I wasn’t living the lifestyle that would help me to feel and perform at my best, but I didn’t know where to start. I assumed that my health concerns were all a part of getting older, and I just had to learn to adapt. But Kim has taught me how to take back control of my body.

Not only does she care about my health and how I feel, but it sometimes seems as if she knows my body better than I do. Her methods have taught me that I am capable of achieving my best self.

~ Jennifer, Software Trainer

What a Transformed Experience Looks Like:


This 1-1 coaching program lasts about 6 months, which is dependent upon when we get the lab results back.

We will meet virtually via Skype, Zoom, or telephone. And you will have your own resource folder to access any resources that will guide and support you throughout the process. That way, you have just one place to access your information.

Month 1

  • Sign the agreements & pay invoice
  • Receive all questionnaires and labs
  • Take the labs from the comfort of your home and ship back via prepaid shipping
  • Receive weekly recommended homework from Kim that helps lay the foundation for the recommended health rebuilding program that you will receive
  • Kim receives all the lab results and questionnaires and completes her analysis
  • Schedule the results & recommendations session

Month 2

  • Hold the results & recommendations session to discuss the results and learn about the correlation between the labs and the symptoms you’re experiencing
  • Receive your customized recommendations for rebuilding your health

  • Begin implementing the protocol

  • Meet 2 weeks after the results and recommendations call for your first official coaching session

Months 3-5

  • Continue implementing your health rebuilding protocol

  • Meet with Kim once per month for additional coaching, accountability, and support

  • Stay connected with Kim via email in between coaching sessions Monday-Friday, as often as you need

Month 6

  • Complete the self-assessment questionnaires again to see how things have improved
  • Celebrate your improvement in how you feel from your health rebuilding program
  • Meet with Kim for your final coaching session and to celebrate your progress!
  • Discuss your next steps and plans for continuing the momentum on your own

This is for you if :



You are tired of being stuck in an endless cycle of trial and error and ready to get some answers.


You feel trapped in your own body.


You want to get to the root cause of what’s going on with you so that you can heal once and for all.


You’re tired of losing DAYS to your symptoms and want to get your life back.


You are ready to do something about the way you feel.


You are willing to believe you can feel better.


You are willing to follow through and take action.


You want clear skin, to ditch the bloat and migraines, say goodbye to anxiety and brain fog, and finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you done being stuck in a cycle of trial and error
and ready to get your health back?

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do the labs work?

Once you pay, I order the labs that day. They are shipped directly to you and you take them from the comfort of your home. Once you have taken the samples, you ship them back to the lab via UPS and I get the results. When we meet for our results & recommendations session, you’ll get a copy to keep for yourself and/or share with your doctor.

Can I do additional labs?

Of course. I have access to over 100 different labs. If you have a particular one in mind, just let me know! You would just be responsible for the additional fees—whatever the tests cost.

Beyond that, if, through the analysis, it becomes clear that we would want to continue the investigation, then we can discuss additional labs. It is not required to run any other labs though as there will be plenty of data that will show healing opportunities to help restore health.

What if I have run one of the tests included in this program? Can I get a discount?

If you have ran one of the tests that I run in this program within the last 6 months, then yes, I can remove that test from the program. However, if you ran a test I am unfamiliar with or the data is over 6 months, then we’ll want to run the labs I have for this program. 

Do I have to test?

Yes, otherwise we don’t get the full picture and some things are left up to guessing. If we do that, it could prolong the healing process because we are just trying different things without fully knowing the whole picture. I am trained to discover malfunctions in the hormone, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems by analyzing data. The data gives us a picture as to what’s going on to help us answer why you might be having certain symptoms.

Can we do one of our coaching calls before the lab results come in so I can have accountability early on?

Absolutely! Some clients prefer to keep all the calls until after the results session, but if you want to meet before that to talk through the foundational pieces, we can totally do that!

How does coaching work if we don’t live near each other?

My clients live all across the country and we meet virtually via phone, Skype, or Zoom. We stay in touch and communicate via email on a regular basis. And I share resources with you in a centralized location so you always have access to what we’re focusing on.

A final note from Kim…

It’s probably safe to say that you’ve tried a lot of different things to get rid of your fatigue, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, and brain fog with little or no result. And I get that because that was my experience for many years as well.

Here’s the thing…there’s a lot of misinformation out there about managing these issues. People telling you to try this supplement or this juice cleanse or this diet and it’ll fix all your issues.

However, what works for them may not be what works for you. And in fact, those things could actually make you feel worse.  

What really, really works to address fatigue, migraines, brain fog, and anxiety is to uncover the root cause. The root cause is the hidden imbalances inside your body that are leading to your chronic migraines. 

With Transformed, we’ll get data on what your unique imbalances are from a simple test you take at home so we can address those and heal the body from the inside out.

No more guessing. No more shooting in the dark, trying this thing or that thing. No more having to miss out on the things you truly love because these things are all in your way.

Rather, you’ll have a practitioner who cares DEEPLY about your success and will be supportive in your journey to healing. 

I want you to decide that it’s time to stop struggling and it’s time to change your life and change it quickly. 

Say goodbye to the cycle of trial and error and just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. 

A few months from now, you could be in the same exact place you are right now…or you could feel better than you have in years and finally doing all the things your health issues were getting in the way of. 

If not now, when?

What Clients Are Saying:



I decided to work with Kim and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

After testing, now I know exactly what my body is lacking and have been on a supplement routine for a few months now. I’ve noticed that I feel so much more energetic…especially in the mornings! My mood has been better…my focus is better….I’m loving this! Also, it is so nice to have somebody in your corner to help you out when a supplement might not work for you or you need a plan B. It’s so nice to have the support!

~ Candice, Medical Coder

I was struggling with physical symptoms possibly caused by my copper IUD and other deficiencies. I scoured the Internet looking for a holistic approach to my ailments and luckily found Kim Heintz. She’s knowledgeable, kind, and relatable as she once experienced many of the issues I have.

After discussing her thorough review of my HTMA results and starting a personalized protocol, I am feeling so much better and look forward to working with Kim to continue on my path to wellness.

~ Rebecca, Financial Assessor

It has been such a great experience working with Kim.

When we went over my HMTA, I was blown away by how my results explained my symptoms. Kim also gave me access to a class on Cycle Syncing and that has been so helpful to learn about. She is so generous with her time and the knowledge and resources she has. Before I even made the decision to work with her, she answered numerous questions I had via email, which meant so much to me and really helped me to know I was making the right choice by working with her. I plan to do further testing with her shortly.

I am following the protocol she gave me and noticing improvements. I did a cleanse she suggested and noticed benefits from that as well. She truly has my best interest in mind and I believe wholeheartedly that she wants to see me have a full recovery and feel much better. I have been working with an integrative practitioner for about 20 months and I think Kim has a more thorough approach of what my body truly needs. She addresses the root cause from the get go.

I highly recommend working with her to anyone. I’m so grateful I got plugged in to her webinar, it really feels like it was meant to be. Thank you, Kim!!!

~ Cassie, Enrollment Counselor